Become A Reviewer

We have two different types of reviewers here at Theatre Bath:

Industry Professional Reviews & User Submitted Reviews

Industry Professional Reviews

We have a top team of experienced reviewers ready to come and give feedback on your show! It is our belief that if we are going to ask people to review shows, and for those reviews to hold some weight and integrity then the people reviewing them need to have lots of experience in the theatre field. This is to protect the companies as well as help us to build a good reputation for offering honest reviews. To become one of our professional reviewers you need to have experience either as a director, actor or theatre maker and be able to prove this to us.

User Generated Reviews

Theatre Bath is for everyone and therefore we have decided that it is also important to get show reviews from YOU. All reviews submitted will be published and if we really like what you do then we may invite you to become one of our professional reviewers. It is important to get as much feedback about local productions as possible and YOUR views are really important to us as well.

To submit a review please visit the submit a review page.