Exciting new family show – A Dog’s Brexit

An exciting new family show explaining both sides of Brexit through a rhyme-filled town of dogs! At The Mission Theatre as part of The Bath Fringe Festival 26-27 May.


Have you heard of this curious word? 

This word Brexit, it’s really absurd.

Perhaps you’ve heard it in conversations,

On Facebook, TV or radio stations.

It sounds pretty nonsense, we don’t understand,


I can try to explain, but I might need a hand…

Quite simply. It’s British and exit as one.

British. Exit. Brexit. Done?

Maybe it’s simpler to show you a land far away,

Bowwow Town where the dogs like to play…

A Dog’s Brexit is a ‘Dr Seuss meets Animal Farm’ portrayal of Britain’s exit from the EU, filled with dogs, rhyme, songs and explanations that aim to speak directly to children. 

This play is an opportunity to re-live the events that led to Britain leaving the European Union, in a light-hearted and pun-filled way! The Little Things aim to stay neutral in the argument, presenting a variety of views, offering children and their families the opportunity to reflect without necessarily having to ‘pick a side’.



The dogs of Bowwow Town are all part of the BU, aka the Bowwow Union. The kennels trade and dogs move from kennel to kennel, but this luxury comes at a price: a lot of doggie-dollar and BU rules to deal with. And so the day comes when some British Bulldogs decide they want to leave the BU. In an attempt to be re-elected, the Top Dog announces a BU ruf-erendum, where the British Bulldogs must vote in or out. And so the campaigns begin! 

Join Barney Bulldog and his family, as they squabble and disagree about which way to vote, in a Dog-Eat-Dog world where the news and media is an unavoidable influence… 

Recommended age: 7+

Running time: 45 mins


Also performing in Bristol at The Alma Tavern Theatre (28 May) and Easton Community Centre (23 & 24 June).

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