Forest Forge Theatre Company tour their new show as part of

National Autism Awareness month


Forest Forge Theatre Company present their latest show: The Boy at the Edge of the Room at The Pound on Saturday 13 April as part of a small-scale tour and National Autism Awareness Month.

The Boy at the Edge of the Room is a fairytale for adults, inspired by Lucy Clifford’s 1882 story Wooden Tony. It focuses on a character who displays many of the classic traits of those on the autistic spectrum.


Tony struggles to fit in and find his place within the world. He has a different way of seeing things and longs to retreat to a place where he can be ‘nothing more than small and far off’. Those surrounding him have little patience for his dreams, with the exception of his mother who will do anything to ensure his happiness.


“The Boy at the Edge of the Room is a beautiful and moving examination of difference and acceptance, brought to life through song, movement and puppetry”, said Michael Cainen, Programme Manager for The Pound.

Based in Ringwood, Hampshire, Forest Forge are one of the UK’s leading touring theatre companies. They specialise in creating professional performances and learning projects that share people’s stories and experiences along with new writing.

The play has been informed by and developed with young people on the autistic spectrum and their parents, with advice from Hampshire Autistic Society. The run coincides with World Autism Awareness Month this April.


The Boy at the Edge of the Room comes to The Pound Saturday 13 April, 7.30pm.

Box office 01249 701628