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To celebrate the 25 Anniversary of the premier of Arcadia, BODS is presenting Tom Stoppard’s brilliantly clever and entertaining play at The Rondo. Now a national treasure, coming fourth in the English Touring Theatre’s poll of the UK’s favourite plays (behind The History Boys, Noises Off and Hamlet), Arcadia sparkles with incisive humour and intrigue.

The award winning Bath Operatic and Dramatic Society is presenting this sensual and thought provoking play at the The Rondo, Larkhall, Bath, 26 – 29 September at 7.30.

Hailed “the greatest play of our age” by The Independent, Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia dances back and forth across the centuries with genuinely funny moments discussing time, truth, love, literature, heat, science, the differences between Classical and Romantic temperaments – and the disruptive influence of sex.

Arcadia takes place in in a Derbyshire manor house in two separate times: the Regency period and the present. Stoppard demonstrates how we misinterpret the past and how small choices have fateful consequences. What results is a play the New York Times called, “the perfect blend of brains and emotion, wit and heartache” in which everyone tries to puzzle over the meaning of the universe, and each, in his own way, is blindsided by the attraction that Newton left out of his equations.

Director, David Key-Pugh says, “It has been my lifelong ambition to stage this play, the best show I know”.


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Tickets £10.

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