LOW PROFILE are pleased to announce the launch of their new project Picture in the Paper commissioned by ICIA, University of Bath and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


Artists LOW PROFILE will search for hobbyists, interest groups, volunteers, researchers, amateurs and specialists and will celebrate the people of Bath in all their distinctiveness and diversity.


Throughout 2014, a series of group photographs of the people of Bath and surrounding areas will be taken which will later be on permanent public display at the University of Bath’s new Centre for the Arts, opening spring 2015.


During the Picture In The Paper project, LOW PROFILE will meet existing groups, as well as bringing together people who have something in common but who may never have met. They are interested in exploring and celebrating group identity, temporary allegiances and the hobbies or interests that draw people together.


Through their research and conversations with people in the area LOW PROFILE will decide on roughly 20 different ‘groups’ to photograph. Individual members of these ‘groups’ won’t necessarily all know each other already, for example, they might cover all the people who keep bees in the city, all those who play a particular computer game like Skyrim or Minecraft, or people involved in a certain profession like solicitors, teachers or butchers.


“When we initially went to visit the Institute of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts (ICIA) we loved looking at all the group and team photographs on display around the University of Bath campus. Seeing these pictures of prize winners, sports teams and different research departments made us think about how they capture both ordinary and extraordinary moments in students and staff members’ lives – people who got together at certain points in time to take part in something. Picture In The Paper will present and archive the gathering of people in Bath more widely, who, for different reasons, were affiliated with each other and shared a temporary group identity.” LOW PROFILE (artists Rachel Dobbs and Hannah Jones)


Further info and details on how to take part are included on the new project website www.pictureinthepaper.co.uk