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Auditions for our Autumn Production will be held on May 3rd and May 8th, 19.30 in the Bath Drama Hut.

Bath Drama’s autumn production, in mid October will be Ghosts, by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Robert Constantine.

As far as he’s aware, this play has not been performed in Bath since Bob’s previous production with the club in 1985. His preference is to do the play in period (1880) using Michael Meyer’s translation (published by Methuen).

Mrs Alving, widow of a distinguished public official, 50s/60s.
Her son Oswald, 20s/ early 30s
Pastor Manders, the upright and moralistic local clergyman, 50s.
Engstrand, a dissolute seaman, 40s/50s
Regina, his supposed daughter and Mrs Alving’s maid, 20s.

Anyone interested in any of these roles is invited to contact Bob at . We will hold an open audition on 3rd & 8th May at 19.30 in the Bath Drama Hut. Ideally we’d like to block the play in early August so that we can concentrate on full scale rehearsals throughout September and early October.


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