3 Female Actors Needed for Open-Book Profit Share

Show dates: Wednesday 15th – Saturday 18th November
Audition date: Saturday 26th August at the Rondo Theatre in Larkhall, Bath.
Application deadline: Thursday 22nd August

I am looking for three female actors to play characters in their early twenties. Experience with devising and physical theatre is desirable but not essential, but a willingness to play and experiment is important. Each part will involve an element of multi-rolling, but please note that the actor playing Megan will essentially be playing two different characters.



Hannah: Female, early twenties. Intelligent, funny, creative and essentially a good person but is self-absorbed. She’s in a post-university slump and feels like she’s wasting her life; she wants more purpose, excitement and happiness but goes looking for it in the wrong place.

Laura: Female, early twenties. Hannah’s best friend since they went to university together. She has a stable job that she enjoys. She’s practical, down to earth and likes to give her friends advice. Although she’s a very good friend, she can come across as judgemental.

Megan: Female, early twenties. Megan is basically two different characters: the first is a stereotypical ‘popular girl’; confident, perky and energetic, but also a little bitchy. She’s very careful about how she presents herself to the outside world but her attitude says “I don’t care what you think of me”. The second is a shadow of the first Megan: she is much more shy and vulnerable, but she is defensive and has a hard exterior. She doesn’t make friends easily and is more comfortable when alone than with others.


Show Blurb

In the age of selfies and social media celebrities, FOMO and YOLO, it’s difficult to see what’s really going on behind the smiles.
Fresh from university and already disillusioned with adulthood, Hannah is waiting for real life to begin. When the reappearance of an old friend sparks jealousy and fear of missing out, she decides to make a drastic change. Will she find the adventure and glamour that her life has been missing, or will her actions take her down a darker path?
Exploring the ‘millennial’ preoccupation with social media and blending new writing with devised physical theatre, Real Life is a comical journey of self-discovery and friendship.

For more information and to apply please email Pippa at with a photo, CV and Spotlight/Casting Call Pro Link if you have one. Please mention the character(s) that you’d like to audition for.