Atresbandes are a young theatre company from Barcelona who are rapidly establishing a reputation as creators of sharp, perceptive work for international audiences. They bring their latest show Locus Amoenus to the University Theatre in Bath on Monday 25 January.


Every step we take, we are struggling to reach paradise, an idyllic place where everyday problems disappear. We dream about our vision of paradise, struggling to get a little closer. This struggle is a journey and we often forget to look at the landscape along the way.


Three strangers catch a train early one morning. What they don’t know is that one hour later, the train will be derailed and all three will be killed. During the journey a series of conversations and situations take place, attempts to understand and be understood. A journey in search of paradise.


BBO locus amoenusLocus Amoenus takes its title from a Latin term meaning “pleasant place”, characterised in literature and visual arts throughout history as a sunlit glade or meadow. The show explores the notion of paradise through the meeting of three strangers travelling on a train which, unknown to the travellers, is shortly going to crash.


During their short journey a series of conversations and situations take place, with attempts to understand and be understood. The show delicately and skilfully unwraps each of the characters, revealing layers of back-stories and personal experiences. The resulting narrative is painstakingly detailed, hauntingly beautiful and darkly funny.


Performed mostly in English, the dialogue and action interacts with projected text, that acts both as a narrator and as a guide to the inner lives of the characters. Locus Amoenus was created in a series of residencies at mac, Birmingham, awarded when the company won the Jury Prize at BE Festival in 2012.




Tickets: £12 (£8 concessions)

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