Folio Theatre Company’s critically acclaimed ‘Unearthed’, which tells the story of siblings who have to come to terms with caring for their father after he has a debilitating stroke, has been picked up for a UK-wide tour of number one venues, after its first outing earlier this year. The tour will go ahead in Spring 2016, subject to the company raising the funds to make it happen.


Folio, who worked with the Stroke Association and Carers Trust UK to develop the script for the piece, have released an Indiegogo campaign in order to find supporters. As well as helping with the play’s development, The Stroke Association attended performances of  ‘Unearthed’ during its first outing to talk to affected audience members and raise awareness for stroke. They will be doing the same this time around, on a larger scale.


Amy Spencer from the Stroke Association, said: ““With around 152,000 strokes a year in the UK – that’s around one every three and a half minutes –it is vital that we have people who can raise awareness of stroke. We’re incredibly grateful to Folio and the cast of ‘Unearthed’ for taking on this subject matter in their new production, and wish them all the luck in raising the funds to make it happen.”


Folio and the cast of ‘Unearthed’ will be working with young people affected by stroke and with young carers by providing acting and puppetry workshops with groups across the country.  Artistic Director Lizzie Stables, who grew up in Bath and attended the Royal High School is well known as an actress for playing Chloe in popular British sit-com ‘The Inbetweeners’ for E4. “We are honoured to be supporting such a fantastic charity, and we are very much looking forward to working with those affected through a programme of workshops we’ll be providing while on tour” says Lizzie.


“Unearthed tells such an important story and we very much hope we will succeed in raising the funds we need to take it on its UK tour and share it with audiences across the country”.
To find out more about the production, the workshop programme or to donate to Folio’s Indiegogo campaign, visit