The Orchid Girl
by Stephen Bush
Directed by Ed Browning

Meet Ethan, he’s not a bad guy but he might be a bigot. His lover’s just left him, he’s got lots to learn – but as soon as he’s out of the break-up slump, he’ll realise it’s best to live and let live.

That’s the idea, anyway – until he meets the runaway. A feisty, frightened schoolkid, her issues eclipse his – and now she’s in his life like an unscheduled test. There’s only one question: just what are the limits to ‘live and let live’?

PirateClown Theatre return to the Alma after the sell-out With Something Like Sympathy, presenting a story about anger, inaction and breakfast.

Contains strong, graphic language.
Show info – 13th – 15th Feb at the Alma Tavern Theatre.
Tickets £8/£10
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