A crowd of over 200 people were left out in the cold at Bath’s Christmas Market as five songs into their set the Bath Blues Brothers were told to stop playing as they were considered to be “too loud”.

Photo by Jimmy Dean via Twitter (@gorrillacheese) http://www.flickr.com/photos/gorrillacheese/

The 13 piece band who have a large following in Bath and who had been approached in June by Bath Tourism Plus to perform at the market, had barely gotten started when Bath Tourism Plus chief executive Nick Brooks-Sykes approached the band and told them to stop playing.

When the band relayed the message to the crowds masses of boos went up and angry on-lookers started firing questions at Mr Brooks-Sykes. A torrent of angry on-lookers also took to Twitter to voice their opinions:

Marc Ambasna-Jones tweeted: “Great to see @bathbluesbros this eve but shocker Bath council canned gig for being too loud, esp after booking them”

Arieh Miller tweeted: “Was really enjoying a great outdoor performance by@bathbluesbros, ’til @bathnes council shut it down! Boo to bath council! #letthemplay.”

Janet Johnson took to the groups Facebook Page: “Not on Twitter but you guys were brilliant! – Booooo!! to that idiot from Bath City Council – well before 11pm – not in a residential area as far I we could see – so what were they talking about it being too loud!! Was a lovely way to end our visit totally spoilt by unseasonal behaviour. Keep up the good work peeps! X”

Luckily Anthony Grimley (@antinbath) managed to capture at least one song in a video of the band playing which he tweeted (shown below)

The Bath Blues Brothers also took to Twitter to apologise to those who had braved the cold to watch them perform: “Sorry Bath, @BathXmasMarket shut us down as we were too loud! The good times may not have rolled for long, but thanks for braving the cold!!”

A statement has just been released by Bath Tourism Plus: “Bath Tourism Plus is very sorry that some people feel disappointed by the decision to shorten the Bath Blues Brothers’ set. The band was asked to reduce the volume levels and, when this could not be achieved, the performance was cut short. I suspect that the stone surroundings of the Abbey Churchyard made amplification difficult to control.

The Bath Christmas Market has a massive impact on the city – it is worth over £11million to the local economy. The overwhelming majority of our 350,000 visitors report high levels of satisfaction with their visit.

Organising and running the Bath Christmas Market is a complicated and difficult task, given that it takes place in public space and involves many hundreds of businesses. We work throughout the year with residents’ groups, the police, ward councillors and local businesses to deliver this huge event and we don’t want to want to jeopardise these relationships because of noise levels that exceed our licence agreement”

For more info on the Bath Blues Brothers or to find out where you can see them play live next visit their website:


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