As Noel Britten and Richard McDougall perfectly described, A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. As the two spritely joined the stage, I was realised one very important factor to the show. That this is not a magic show, but a show about magic. This meant that these charming and devoted chaps gave us a great deal of knowledge, and it was clear how talented they are in the magic business. However, if you were looking for a rabbit to appear out of a hat, then I don’t think you’ll leave feeling confused and wowed like a normal magic show. No, these two are out to teach you the art of deception which I feel made a very enjoyable experience. There were simple tricks shown and taught to the audience, which created a great atmosphere between the crowd and the magicians. I feel very touched that the pair are working towards a brighter future for children with disabilities by teaching them how to practice every tasks through masking them with magic, *Applause cue* as they’d say. They took us on a voyage through magic, space, and time, and even taught me a trick to show my family at Christmas. A real joy to listen to and learn from, you can’t help but respect these great masters of magic.


Review by Verity Annear


PLEASE NOTE: The Bath Chronicle Do Not Run Stars On Their Reviews But Our Reviewer Would Have Awarded This Production 4.5 Stars.