This brief two-part piece from Onset Productions looks at the emotional lives of three people: a lone woman and her struggles with loneliness and a lack of self-esteem; and a young couple, their relationship, and its joys and pains. The approach is multi-faceted: there is a back-projected image in which each protagonist is seen and heard being quizzed by an anonymous disembodied voice on their feelings and opinions about themselves, while the actual characters are on stage in front of it, sometimes confirming and sometimes going against what is on the screen. The visual and verbal effects, including movement and dance, are striking, and everything combines to give a depth of understanding of, and sympathy for, the characters and their respective lives that packs a great deal into such a short time.  An original and intriguing small theatrical gem.




 John Christopher Wood


PLEASE NOTE:  The Bath Chronicle Do Not Run Star Ratings On Their Reviews. Our Reviewer Would Have Given This Production 4 Stars.