Our open play for March is Witness For The Prosecution by Agatha Christie.

Tuesday 18th March at The Drama Hut, Vane St. Bath at 7.30pm.


Come along, grab a script and join in. There are plenty of parts for all. Or just turn up and watch if you wish. There will be a collection during the evening to help towards the upkeep of the Hut and for refreshments.


If you’ve new to our Readings Evenings, this is the perfect place to start.  Contact for more details.


The Play

Leonard Vole is arrested for the murder of a wealthy older widow, Emily French. Mrs. French made him her principal heir not aware that he was a married man, things look bad for our Leonard.

But they get worse… his wife, Romaine, agrees to testify, not in Leonard’s defence, but as a WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION……….

But, Romaine is in fact working to free her husband! Through a complicated and elaborate plan, she arranges for new evidence to come to light to discredit her testimony, making it more likely that her husband will be acquitted than if she were simply a defence witness.

All goes to plan but then it is revealed that….

but that would be spoiling it!

Come along, join in and find out for yourself.