enchanted april- bath drama- theatre bath

enchanted april 2- bath drama- theatre bathIt is 1922. Two middle class English ladies decide to rent a castle in Italy, to escape the winter gloom and the husbands who are neglecting them. Unable to find the full cost, they advertise for two other, very different ladies to join them. One is a young socialite and the other a dowager with an interesting past. Sparks follow! The ladies fall under the spell of their sun-drenched surroundings and discover laughter and new truths about themselves. The find the romance they need, though perhaps not the romance that they, or we, expect them to find.

The Rondo in Bath at 7.30pm from Wednesday 7th October to Saturday 10th October.

Tickets are from www.ticketsource.co.uk/rondotheatre or 0333 666 3366.