Bath Fringe 2013 starts Friday 24th
– and runs for the next 17 days!
Smerin’s AntiSocial Club looking quite calm…
Wet Picnic at Bedlam Fair. No, of course it won’t be!

Bath Fringe 2013

Bath Fringe, May 24 – June 9 2013.

We’re exhausted already just thinking about it!
Spiegeltent programme – see it herehere, and watch the cream of it on youtube here – is one of the more exciting of past years: me I’m especially looking forward to ALL of it, but our 2013 exclusives include the utterly funktastic Anthony Joseph, the return of the Gas Giants [on a bill with an Utely’d up Get The Blessing] and Bath debuts for just about everybody else. We really do look hard to book the sort of acts that don’t and can’t be with you in the rest of the year, it’s a festival, after all. Come and celebrate the magnificence with us!
Bedlam Fair is also about the never-before-seen:  a programme of debut work plus the first appearances in Bath of top GB acts like Stuff & Things and Wet Picnic. And we’re just working on some lunatics from Chile.
PopUp – bill just published here – is just as much about the new: debut performances, new bands, the peak of the striving, and all for the very reasonable price of £3 for 3 bands at Green Park Tavern [and Bath Spa shows at The Bell on the last weekend are FREE!]
The Electronic Fringe Club and other promoters are at Green Park Tavern every night until very late indeed – see you there!
Opening Night – MoonshotK’Chevere, art shows opening all round town – and Opening Holiday Weekend –Hoochie Coochie circus/cabaret (dress up for that one!), Mr Georgie Fame, and Hollie Cook the newest face of British Reggae, all to limber up for 17 days of big big fun. See you there!
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