A rare opportunity to see the ground-breaking play based on the novel immortalised by the 1975 film starring Jack Nicholson which is being put on in Bath at the Rondo Theatre by the award winning Bath Operatic and Dramatic Society. Written by Dale Wasserman and based on Ken Kesey’s 1962 book, the play premiered in November 1963 on Broadway.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest takes place in a mental institution in the American Northwest. The Narrator of the play is Chief Bromden, also known as Chief Broom, a catatonic half-Indian man. Bromden often suffers from hallucinations during which he feels the room filling with a dense, overwhelming fog generated by a huge mechanised matrix called The Combine which controls everyone it grasps. The institution is dominated by Nurse Ratched, a cold, precise woman with calculated gestures and a calm, mechanical manner. The story begins when a new patient, Randall Patrick McMurphy, arrives at the ward. He is a self-professed ”gambling-fool” who has just been transferred from the work farm at Pendleton as part of his sentence for statutory rape. He clearly is completely sane and lucid and only at the Institution to avoid the physical jobs on the work farm. An outspoken, booming character he meets the other inmates of the institution, Billy Bibbett, Dale Harding, Scanlon, Cheswick, Martini and of course Chief Bromden and slowly works his charm to entice them to come out from their regimented and drug fuelled routines and to question the rules, much to the annoyance of the ice cool Nurse Ratched. And thus the power battle ensues between Nurse Ratched and McMurphy, but who will win out in the end? And who will fall along the way?

Director Juliette Coad said, “This is a challenging show to put on, not least as most of the cast are men! We have assembled a very talented cast. In particular, we are lucky to have captured our lead Jack Penrose who plays McMurphy.“

Oli Hounsell stars as Chief Bromden and Lucy Gaskin as Nurse Ratched.
Don’t miss Jack, Oli and Lucy in this exciting BODS production.

October 21st- October 25th

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Tickets cost £12