‘All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.’

ZENITH Youth Theatre Company is to perform Animal Farm the Musical at Bath’s Mission Theatre during half term (13-16th February 2012).

Zenith YTC will put their unique stamp on the George Orwell 20th century classic, creating a world of storytelling with “stomp style” dance as well as the top class music, song and ensemble acting they are renowned for.


After years of oppression on Manor Farm, ruled by the brutal Mr Jones, the animals, led by the pigs, take over the farm with a plan to run it as equals for their own benefit.

On the renamed Animal Farm crops thrive and the harvest is the biggest the farm has ever seen.

Can the animals manage their new found independence? Following a power struggle cracks appear and Napoleon, a large aggressive boar, begins to dictate. As principles are compromised and collective decisions overturned, it is clear that they are not all equal after all.

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is one of the greatest 20th century novels. An allegory based on the Russian Revolution and the Soviet government which followed, it remains a brilliant satire on political power and its abuse.

Still banned in totalitarian regimes throughout the world, including China and North Korea, Animal Farm resonates as powerfully today as when it was first published.

Tickets for Animal Farm are on sale NOW.  Telephone bookings 01225 835301 or online via .uk.

Times: Weds 13 Feb – Saturday 16 Feb 7:30/Sat 2:30 & 7.30

Prices: All evening performances £10, matinee £8

Check www.zenithytc.co.uk for details and updates.