NOS Three is coming to Bath Fringe Festival at the Rondo Theatre!!

27th May at 20:00
Box Office: 0333 666 3366

“The life of every woman from childhood to adulthood is fulfilled with great discoveries and endless transformations. BLOOMING OUT is a clown show that explores in a light and comic way some of the most intriguing moments in the whole feminine universe. The fascination of beauty, the girly plays, the first time putting on make-up, the body’s development including its feminine parts, the arrival of the period, the first kiss, the oppression and the fear, the maternity, the love, the demands and the social taboos, the work, happiness e growing old; these are some of the many fascinating and scary themes that build the story of this plot. BLOOMING OUT is a clown show using only non-verbal language, creating touching scenes of great power and beauty. A celebration of the feminine being interpreted by two Brazilian women – actresses; clowns.”

“You sometimes need to see something done very well to appreciate that your palette has been spoiled by inferior articles…Blooming Out was at its core beautiful, haunting and unapologetic! It was with me long after I left the theatre.”

Review by The Swindonian

Link to the full review:

“Quite a brilliant ‘show not tell’ on life and all its dilemmas. Well done with the use of props, facial expressions and vigour. It is quite brilliantly done indeed.”

Audience review at Salisbury Play House

Awarded Best Performance at Swindon Fringe Festival 2017


About us:

We are three actors that have decided to collaborate creating new authentic work and this is our first project together.

Bianca Bertalot is an actress specialised in clowning since 2005, giving workshops, performing and collaborating in community projects. Last year funding was awarded by the Arts Council to develop her show “Cinco Coisas”.

Maria de Jesus Aguiar is an actress, Acting Coach and Contemporary dancer. She has been developing her artistic activities since 1992, in Brazil and Portugal. Her working fields are Pre-Expressive techniques and Clowning.

João Ricardo Aguiar is an actor, director and author. He has been performing since 1996. His play “Salvo-Conduto” was awarded the “Best Play of the Year” in Portugal’s National Theatre Contest 2010.


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