Pound Arts launches a LEGO Amnesty to build a giant LEGO-Henge as part of a community project


Do you have spare LEGO knocking around, not being used at home? Have you forgotten all about that old set you got for your Birthday in 1994? If you have LEGO that’s just collecting dust then why not give it a new lease of life and donate to the Pound Arts LEGO-Henge project!


We’re recruiting as many LEGO bricks as possible for a big community build of Stonehenge in partnership with LEGO. We need bricks; yellow figures and LEGO bases, no donation of LEGO is too big or too small!


LEGO-Henge will be built using the talents of artists and the public over 25 & 26 July at The Pound arts centre. Come and help, or see your donated LEGO being put to good use over these two days. LEGO-Henge will stand on display in the arts centre over the summer.


Sophie Leighton-Kelly, Deputy Director (Programming) of Pound Arts said ‘We’re all really excited at The Pound about this project! It’ll be so much fun – a great communal activity for people of all ages! But we can’t do it without your help, please donate your unused LEGO!’


Join us for the big build on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 July. Children, parents, carers, grandparents and all ages are welcome to contribute Another Brick in the Wall!

Pound Arts will also be screening The LEGO Movie on Friday 25 July at 4pm and Saturday 26 July at 11am and 4pm. Why not catch the film all LEGO fans are bound to love and help build the biggest Stonehenge out of LEGO Wiltshire has ever seen!


Take part in building the LEGO-Henge for free, no ticket is required. Tickets for the film are £6 (£5 concessions) £3.50 under 16s and students.

Drop off your LEGO donations at The Pound box office by Sunday 20 July, where you can also book your tickets for the film. For more information, call the box office on 01249 701628 or visit www.poundarts.org.uk