In 2013, Roughhouse Theatre’s Shane Morgan adapted for the stage the Daniel Wallace novel Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician. During his year as Resident Director at Bath’s Rondo Theatre, Morgan, in association with the Rondo, joined forces with writer Daniel Wallace to bring Wallace’s story of magic and mystery surrounding a young man and his search for an identity to the stage and an entirely new audience.
Following their successful 4 night run at the Rondo in November 2013, the show received a swathe of great reviews:
“A tale as mysterious and intriguing as the world of magic itself.
It is a ride that you need to buckle up for and while nothing about this story can be taken
for granted, the work you do during the show is well worth the effort.”
Bath Chronicle

“The recollections of his oddball circus friends, who piece together what they know of Henry’s
mysterious and extraordinary existence… An enchanting yet sinister tale of love, life, death
and conspiracy, seen through the eyes of a deranged mind…”
**** 4 Stars

“Slick and effective…this is a compelling and mysterious tale which reaches a satisfying
**** 4 Stars The Good Review

Now, Roughhouse Theatre need to take their 2 ½ hour show built specifically for the Rondo and pare it down to a neat, mobile and tour-friendly 100 minutes. In order to do that, Roughhouse is looking for sponsors and donations in order to be able to pay for it.


With a stellar cast including Nina Bright, Alex Stedman, Madelaine Ryan and Dan Gaisford, Roughhouse is offering a series of incentives for people wishing to donate or sponsor.
Further details can be found on their page:

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