Photo by Lisa Hounsome

Fertility Objects

By Alison Farina

Directed By Hannah Drake

The Rondo Theatre

Thursday 21 June 2012

Once in a while every Bath theatregoer should be reminded of how beautifully intimate the Rondo Theatre is to experience strong story telling.

“Fertility Objects” by Alison Farina highlights the basic human instinct of three women and their respective partners to procreate. Sam, Michelle and Jules and partners, Darren, Simon and Jim, all have problems with creating a future generation. One might never get there, One will keep trying and the other at least gets past the second scan. All their destinies are slowly unveiled in this well crafted, often humourous observation of the reason for human existence.

A versatile set, bedecked with a flock of origami storks, Chinese lanterns and appropriate furniture provides a backdrop for a play that addresses the delicate issue of infertility. Ranging from “keep on trying” through to“adoption is the only option” we chart the trials and tribulations of three couples who desperately want to bring new life into the world.

The talented local cast create a plethora of characters that help chart our couples progress to prospective parenthood. I was touched by all the protagonists, and the impact of the actions of some on the others added greatly to the theatrical credibility of this production.

My only criticism would be the scene change towards the end of the production. I felt that it unnecessarily disrupted the momentum of this great production.

All said, this was a great piece of new writing that addressed an issue of “technology can fix it” with the reality of science cannot solve everything!

A great night out at the theatre with a discussion that carried on over a post show drink!

**** 4 Stars

Scott Rogers

Photo By Lisa Hounsome
Photo By Lisa Hounsome