This Christmas, the Tobacco Factory Theatre are putting on two productions; The Last Voyage of Sinbad The Sailor and Super Sam and Mega Max Save Christmas.

THE LAST VOYAGE OFSinbad the Sailor. Image by Farrows Creative- tobacco factory theatre- theatre bath




For full date details see Signed performance Thu 09 January 7.30pm

PRESS NIGHT Thu 05 December 7.30pm

Director Craig Edwards | Designer Katie Sykes | Musical Director Sarah Moody | Dramaturg Adam Peck Choreographer Michelle Gaskill | Puppets by Chris Pirie Cast Zara Ramm, Vic Llewellyn, Lucy Tuck, Saikat Ahamed, Chris Bianchi Musicians Alex Vann, Pete Judge

For centuries, stories have been told of Sinbad the Sailor and his incredible adventures; stories of catastrophic shipwrecks, far‐off lands and mythical beasts. Escaping the clutches of cannibals, one‐eyed ogres and man‐eating snakes, Sinbad is the ultimate hero!

But every hero has a secret story and Sinbad’s is about to come back and surprise him. He doesn’t know who to trust or which way to turn…but he does know that he must undertake one final voyage into the unknown.

Tobacco Factory Theatre and Travelling Light are renowned for warm‐hearted productions at Christmas, taking well known and well‐loved stories and breathing new life into them with creativity, energy, brilliant actors, live music and a lot of love. This year, we’re working together to reunite members of the teams behind the Olivier nominated Cinderella: A Fairytale and the fabulous Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves to bring Bristol a new telling of Sinbad the Sailor’s most fantastical adventures, plus a brand new tale that’s never been told.

Jude Merrill, Artistic Producer of Travelling Light on working with Tobacco Factory Theatre: “Travelling Light are delighted to be able to continue our very fruitful partnership with Tobacco Factory Theatre by co‐producing The Last Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor this Christmas. Together we have assembled a fantastic team of multi‐ talented artists who will create a magical and memorable Christmas treat for Bristol audiences. Our most recent collaboration on Cinderella: A Fairytale set the bar very high by being nominated for an Oliver Award, so who knows where the adventurous Sinbad will lead us?”

The Last Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor is directed by Craig Edwards, whose recent directing credits include Two Four Six Eight! and You’re Not My Friend Anymore for Shoofly Theatre, The Six Wives of Henry VIII and Adolf & Winston for Living Spit/Bristol Old Vic Ferment, and Mother Savage and The Mysterious Vanishment of Pobby and Dingan for Travelling Light.

Director, Craig on The Last Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor: “Everyone has an image of Sinbad – a swashbuckling devil‐may‐care, handsome chap with a winning smile and a bag of treasure. But dig a little deeper and a very different character emerges. Our new production tells Sinbad’s secret story. A crew of fishermen find Sinbad on their ship; he’s a man whose every story starts or ends with a shipwreck, or the horrible destruction of his fellow travellers. He always returns home from his adventures ‐ but at what cost? Here is a man who is either the luckiest or the unluckiest man alive. What will the crew do? Listen to the stories Sinbad has to tell, or throw him overboard before something horrible befalls them and their ship? We won’t give the game away, but let’s just say Sinbad’s story becomes a search for the greatest treasure of all! It’s going to feel very warm and Christmassy by the end.”

Ali Robertson, Director of Tobacco Factory Theatre on Craig Edwards: “Craig’s worked with us as one of our favourite actors for several years but a couple of years ago we became more and more conscious that the work he was directing was consistently some of the best work that our programming team was seeing; for example his direction of The Mysterious Vanishment of Pobby and Dingan. We were delighted to ask Craig if he had ever thought about potential Christmas projects and we loved the concept of this new Sinbad tale, a really warm hearted tale that would take the audience on an adventure but also have that special festive feel. This will be Craig’s biggest show yet and I really think it’s going to be one of the most exciting Christmas shows in years.”

Performed in the round, in the Tobacco Factory Theatre’s unique, intimate auditorium, the audience will feel like they’re part of every courageous escapade, every disastrous shipwreck, and every rousing sailor chorus.

We have assembled a stellar cast for this show‐ Vic Llewellyn (The Lost Present, Brewery Theatre), Chris Bianchi (The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Bristol Old Vic), Zara Ramm (Mum in Cbeebies’ TV Series Grandpa In My Pocket), Saikat Ahamed (Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Cinderella: A Fairytale and BOV’s Treasure Island) and Lucy Tuck (Cinderella: A Fairytale and BOV’s Boy Who Cried Wolf).

We are also thrilled that musicians Pete Judge (Get the Blessing) and Alex Vann (Spiro) from Bristol’s acclaimed band Three Cane Whale will perform live in the show under the direction of Sarah Moody from The Devil’s Violin Company. Sarah’s originally composed music is being written alongside the rehearsal process. It will have percussion as its bedrock, allowing thrilling scenes of stormy seas to be brought to life. It will also draw on the musicians’ influences of folk and jazz and will use different themes for the many stories and characters in the show. Adam Peck (Cinderella: A Fairytale) is writing the script. He will be in the rehearsal room alongside the cast, taking their improvised scenes and shaping them into Sinbad’s great escapade. The show is choreographed by Michelle Gaskell (Hot Air), whose skills will conjure up memorable scenes of shipwreck and battling sea monsters.

The Designer is Katie Sykes who has designed for the Factory Theatre space before (Cinderella: A Fairytale) and loves both the challenge and the rewards of the space’s renowned intimacy:

“I always hope to surprise the audience when they first walk into the space and to create a magical atmosphere. It’s important to focus on a few really strong ideas which have lots of impact, but allow for the storytelling to flow along smoothly. For Sinbad, we need to convey to the audience that the characters are at sea, both metaphorically and literally. This provides me with lots of brilliant nautical reference to draw upon for the costumes and the set; part of what I’m doing at the moment is searching for weathered buoys and boat fenders, as well as pieces of driftwood. I am also collaborating with the brilliant Chris Pirie (Green Ginger) to create a great puppet character who will no doubt become a very popular member of the cast.”

Will Sinbad and his band of salty seadogs survive to find the greatest treasure of all? You’ll just have to visit the Tobacco Factory Theatre this Christmas to find out.

Get Involved!

We’re asking young people this Christmas season to write their very own Sinbad adventure or to design a flag for Sinbad’s ship. To find out more and for free information to help get you started email .uk or call Nick on 0117 377 3163. Enter by Fri 06 December and you could be in with a chance to win a free family ticket to see The Last Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor.

Tickets:  Wed 27 – Fri 29 November All tickets £8

                30 November – 20 December, 02 – 03 & 09 – 10 January Full £14 / Concession £10 / Family Tickets £40*

             21 – 30 December, 04 – 05 January, 11 – 12 January Full £17 / Concession £13 / Family Tickets £50* *2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children

Box Office: 0117 902 0344 / Online:



SUPER SAM & MEGA MAX Super Sam and Mega Max. Image by Farrows Creative- Tobacco factory theatre- theatre bath
For full date details see
Signed performance Wed 18 December 2pm

PRESS PERFORMANCES Thu 12 December 11am or 2pm
This Christmas in the Brewery Theatre, we are producing a brand new show with the creators of last year’s The Lost Present; director Emma Williams (Wolf Tales) and writer Mike Akers (Bristol Old Vic’s Treasure Island and Myrtle Theatre’s Hot Air). And the stars of this brand new show for ages 2 – 6 are acclaimed physical comedy duo Rannel Theatre Company (Flhip Flhop).

Time is running out for Sam and Max to get ready for Christmas, but one thing after another keeps going wrong! They can’t find the tape to wrap up the presents. The lights won’t switch on. And they just can’t seem to get that sparkling star onto the top of the Christmas tree. Luckily, help is at hand!

Who is that masked man making the decorations on the tree sparkle? And who is that caped crusader leaping up to put the star onto the top of the tallest tree?

Superpowers will be deployed, goodies will do battle with baddies and underpants will be worn outside of trousers as Super Sam and Mega Max take on their toughest ever assignment and try to save Christmas!

This new show is a breathtaking treat for 2 – 6 year olds and their families, combining music, movement, silliness and a touch of magical mayhem!

JoeyD and Matt Bailey from Rannel Theatre Company star as Sam and Max in this new Christmas Show. Rannel are a critically acclaimed physical comedy duo known for their hilarious, energetic and unexpected sketches and their unique brand of urban skills with a comedic twist. Past performances include the brilliant Flhip Flhop and 2Deep. They’re also known for their collaborations with the BBC, creating sketches for the BBC comedy website. They also recently starred and performed in a nationwide advertising campaign for McDonalds (Three is the Magic Number).

Director, Emma Williams: “It’s fantastic working with JoeyD and Matt, as they’re two performers who are so in tune with one another. They’ve worked together for years now and the extent of their skill and the ability to bounce off each other and build that physical performance is really exceptional. A small idea can become something really spectacular very quickly. And they’re playful, which is obviously perfect working on a show for small children. They have such strong characters and their movement becomes an extension of that. We’re having a lot of fun in rehearsals, creating the Super Sam and Mega Max world!”

Super Sam and Mega Max Save Christmas is being designed by Liesel Corp (Bristol Old Vic’s Good Clown, Bad Clown) with original music by the brilliant Benji Bowers who composed and performed in Tobacco Factory Theatre and Travelling Light’s Cinderella: A Fairytale and Bristol Old Vic’s Peter Pan.

Tobacco Factory Theatre Producer Melanie on creating a new show for little ones: “Following on from the success of The Lost Present last year and our work producing theatre with Kid Carpet, we’re thrilled to be exploring more and more what makes little ones tick; what makes them giggle and gasp and what makes them really engage with a piece of theatre. Super Sam and Mega Max Save Christmas is going to be fantastic fun, particularly because we’re working with two really creative performers, Joey and Matt, who make up Rannel Theatre Company. Movement and creativity is so central to what they do and that should really come through in this new show which we know kids and parents are going to love.”

One thing’s for sure, Christmas is going to be SUPER!

Running time 50 mins

Age recommendation Ages 2 – 6 and their families

Tickets:  Wed 11 – Fri 20 December, Thu 02 – Sun 05 January All tickets £7 / Family ticket £24*


Sat 21 – Mon 30 December All tickets £8 / Family tickets £28* *2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children

Box Office: 0117 902 0344 / Online:

(Images by Farrows Creative)