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Playing UpVolpone

Ben Jonson
Wed 20 – Sat 23 Feb, 19:30
Tickets: £10/£8

Playing Up Theatre Company has built a strong local following delivering powerful and challenging theatre.  In nine years it has produced the work of playwrights including Samuel Beckett, Arthur Miller, Edward Albee and Dario Fo to enormous critical acclaim.  Following a hugely successful production of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus in 2010, the company revisits the seventeenth century for their Spring show at The Rondo.

Ben Jonson was a contemporary of Shakespeare but specialised in extravagant courtly masques which he composed with Inigo Jones.  He also wrote popular moral comedies such as The AlchemistBartholomew Fair and, perhaps the funniest of the three,Volpone or The Fox. The plot revolves around the greedy Volpone and his servant Mosca.  Together these two confidence tricksters set about fleecing a trio of rich Venetians by pretending that Volpone is dying.  They in turn heap jewels and presents on the sly fox Volpone in the desperate hope that one of them will inherit his fortune when he dies; something Volpone has no intention of doing.  The gullible merchant Corvino is even persuaded by Mosca to offer his own wife as a bribe!

Using a wardrobe of disguises and some wonderfully clever ‘patter’ Volpone and Mosca revel in their ill-gotten gains.  Will they get away with their scam or will justice finally catch up with them?

Rondo Theatre Afternoon Tea ConcertPrior Park In Concert

Wed 27 Feb, 2:30
Tickets: £4

A fascinating menu of delightful items from the dazzlingly talented musicians of Prior Park College – expect some breath-taking solos, and music for all tastes from baroque to jazz – something for everyone!
The Rondo Theatre Afternoon Concerts provide live music and entertainment on various afternoons throughout the year. Aimed at older members of the community, these concerts are an excellent way to relax and enjoy music in the welcoming and intimate atmosphere of The Rondo.

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Rondo Acting Workshop
Tuesday 26 Feb, 8pm
£7 (£5 concessions). Open to anyone aged 18 and above.

The Rondo Acting Workshops provide a welcoming and inspiring environment to explore and develop performing skills. The workshops are designed to be drop-in and self-contained, so you can just turn up on the door to whatever takes your fancy. From Shakespeare’s verse-made-easy, to physical theatre and non-scary improvisation, the Rondo workshops are ideal for beginners interested in learning more, and professionals looking to refresh their skills.