We welcome old friends and new faces this week at The Rondo
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From rural Ontario, Canada My Sweet Patootie is an acoustic roots group that brings twining vocal harmonies, monstrous finger-style guitar, sizzling fiddle, percussion and abundant charisma together in one perfect package.

Complete with tall tales and corny jokes, My Sweet Patootie delivers a modern-day Music Hall show that Driftwood Magazine describes as “two parts exemplary musicianship, one part vaudeville comedy”. Terry Young, Sandra Swannell and Bradford Nowak are skilled performers who use a ditzy-like-a-fox approach to their craft. Their upbeat show will take you on an emotional carnival ride; carefully placing heart-breaking ballads between good-time finger-snapping tunes.

This is an amusing look at Mr.Pickwick’s adventures across the South of England  relating how , after a series of blunders, he is committed to trial and ends up in The  Fleet Debtors Prison. Whilst in the prison Mr. Pickwick changes his philosophy on life. As he puts it ‘Nearly the whole of my previous  life having been devoted to business and the pursuit of wealth, numerous scenes of which I had no previous conception have dawned upon me’.

Come and see some of the most vivid & eccentric characters that Charles Dickens ever created.
Show trivia: Nigel Nevinson is a 63 year old actor who has been in 100 plays since starting acting as a child. He has also made various television & film appearances. The play was directed by John  O’Connor of European  Arts Theatre Company , who coincidentally are also at The Rondo this week!

European Arts Company returns with a delicious evening of one-act Farces from the Victorian stage. There’s more than a hint of Monty Python and The Goons in these four plays entitled ‘Box and Cox’, ‘Wanted, A Young Lady’, ‘An Unwarrantable Intrusion’ and ‘Duel in the Dark’. Involving romance, duelling pistols, cross dressing, thwarted lovers, double dealing and intoxication, these colourful comic capers promise a sublime evening of mayhem and merriment.

‘European Arts Company really takes the audience by storm. A surreal performance, witty and hilarious, full of energy, talent and creativity.’ – Culture Guide