Brilliant local writers, performed by brilliant local actors, directed by our brilliant Resident Director. This is what we’re all about at The Rondo.
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At long last the good weather has arrived and that image above no longer looks like some misguided dream, but a plausible way to spend an afternoon. This week we have found the perfect way to spend your post-sunbathing evening. Take you’re newly melanin enriched skin down to The Rondo and enjoy the very best that the local grassroots theatre-scene has to offer.

What we present this week is a fantastically ambitious piece of work, easily up there with anything the Royal Courts and Old Vics of London’s bright lights are offering. We challenged eight local writers from our writers group to create eight new pieces of work, and then asked six local actors to bring them to life under the guidance of our Resident Director Shane Morgan. That in itself may not be not ground-breaking, although eight new plays from the local theatre scene would be cause enough to celebrate, so we’ve gone one step further; Shane and the company have wrestled the eight new works into one cohesive body so that you watch all eight as one in a seamless, breath-taking evening. If this were being produced on the South Bank or by a large nationally funded body, you can bet your house that there would be hyperbolic pieces galore in the broadsheet press.

As it is, we have the honour of hosting it in our little local theatre and sharing it with you, our loyal and dedicated theatre community. There are still tickets for all nights of this, don’t miss out on your chance to proudly say “I saw the original version of that at The Rondo way back” when the new Artistic Director of the National announces a similar undertaking in 2015. Remember that if you’re passionate about your local theatre and want it to continue you can make your voice heard as part of the national campaign

8 Writers.
6 Actors.
One evening of startling new theatre.

When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead
… And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen’s “off with her head!”
Remember what the dormouse said;
“Feed your head…Feed your head”

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

In a year that has already seen us unearth and demystify a monarch in a car park, follow the continued effects of media hacking and witness an already divided country divide even further upon the death of a Prime Minister, the Rondo Writers Group has been dealt the hand of Perspective.

Under the leadership of David Lassman and Director Shane Morgan, the writers have taken ideas close to their heart and turned them upside down.

Questions like: can old school and new ways work side by side? What makes a hero and what makes a villain? When the end comes, who do we trust? When we laugh, is it really because of the way he tells them?

Shane Morgan is the Resident Director for the Rondo Theatre, 2013. He trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and works in the South West as a Freelance Director and is co-founder of Roughhouse Theatre.
His acclaimed productions include ‘The Misunderstood Richard Beeching’ (**** – Venue Magazine), ’Two Gentlemen of Verona’ and ‘Measure for Measure’ (**** – Venue Magazine) and Project Director on ’24 Hour Plays’ (**** and #2 Play of the Year 2011 – Venue Magazine).