We’ve set up a number of accounts on different platforms to try and be useful to the local theatre community.

You can now connect with us via:

Skype: .uk

Zoom: 427-809-4633 – .uk

Twitch: theatrebath

Twitter: @TheatreBath (same with periscope)

We’re looking into running online networking, live streams, skills sharing etc – if you want to get involved fill out our survey here:

Voluntary Arts Launch The #CreativeNetwork on Zoom

Click Here for More info

If you want to connect with other local professionals and look at ways we can work together online during self-isolation etc then head over and join our Facebook Group here:



Theatre Bath Network Facebook Group – somewhere to come together, share, network and create.

Scriptwriters Bath & Co – A great group with lots of brilliant ideas

UK Coronavirus for Theatre Industry Group – fab group for theatre in the UK

South West Artist Hub – Group for people in the South West who run a podcast

South West Freelancers on Slack

Click here to join

Can you help out?

Are you interested in live streaming, interactive online sessions or online networking? Complete our survey and let us know and we’ll start putting together ways to connect people:

Take Our Survey

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