As the Arts face cuts across the country making Theatre accessible to children becomes harder and harder except for the priveleged. I want to do something about that, are you interested in working with me? This is a new project at a new festival. I’m looking for applications for a playwright, a stage manager, a choreographer, a costume designer, a musician, a makeup artist/face painter and an assistant director to facilitate a child led performance that will be performed at 6pm on the Sunday evening to close the festival. The age range of children is large so you have to be prepared for a wide variety of ages in your groups. We have a fabulous UV immersive forest tent for the performance and have been donated lots of different costumes.

The play needs to be written in one long session on the Friday (I envisage it being maximum 10 minutes long.) so that the Saturday can be creating and rehearsal with final rehearsal and dress rehearsal on the Sunday. I’m keen to promote local artists and their businesses. There is free entry and camping plus food when you’re working/facilitating.

Too often children at festivals are entertained but always feel as if it is not for them, Biggles Youth is striving to make the children the creators of the festival so that they feel really part of making the festival excellent. are you interested? I look forward to hearing from you.


For more info please contact: .uk