Freddy-Dare-and-the-Ginger2Combining theatre and film to tell a compelling and powerful story, Freddy Dare & the Ginger Robber tours to Bath’s egg theatre on Friday 21st June and Saturday 22nd June in a new stage production recommended for anyone over the age of eight. Written and directed by Jon Welch, this heartfelt show uses drama, comedy, song and dance to explore how the loss of a loved one affects a young boy and his mother as they face up to their grief and look to the future.

Eleven year old Fred Andrews is short for his age, he can’t play football, and making friends at his new secondary school is proving difficult.  His Dad died a while ago, and Fred’s widowed Mum is too sad to pay attention to him.  Fred’s parents used to win prizes for their ballroom dancing, a hobby his Mum has now abandoned. Fred wants to change his world – and so he does.

First, he finds an unopened gift to him from his Dad hidden away – a pair of tap shoes; then an invitation arrives inviting his parents to compete in a television dance competition.  So Fred becomes Freddy Dare – a superhero with a glamorous accomplice, the Ginger Robber!  The toe-tapping twosome must dance with destiny, take on a terrifying quest, and stop their arch-enemy before it’s too late. As Fred immerses himself in his fantasy world, he transforms from introverted school boy to superhero.

Freddy Dare & the Ginger Robber is performed by actors Benjamin Symes and Nix Wood live on stage, with additional cast members featured in the accompanying film footage including Ben Dyson and Tee J Randall.

Staged with sensitivity, imagination and humour, with influences ranging from the television show Strictly Come Dancing and the films The Artist and Scott Pilgrim, Cornish theatre company Cube Essential transports audiences on an epic adventure with striking visual effects, wonderful music, interesting props and a dazzling script that packs an emotional punch.

FREDDY DARE & THE GINGER ROBBER appears at the egg theatre on Friday 21st June and Saturday 22nd June.  Tickets are available from the Theatre Royal Bath Box Office on 01225 448844, the egg reception on 01225 823 409 or online via