23:00 until the 29 Aug

I’ve always thought it must be a real drag to be on a reality TV show, Kinsey Stix proved this in more ways than one!

Four acapela drag queens and a couple of well chosen audience members are used to thread this excuse for a plot together. Starting over 20 minutes late, because the techies couldn’t find which plug needed an extra push into it’s socket, we were treated to some great close four part harmony singing. Beyond that gimmick the plot was weaker than a drag queen’s knicker elastic.

The theatrical setup saw our wanna be famous queens toy with the audience in order to complete several spurious tasks set to them by the reality TV judges. Each sparkly frocked contestant took their turn to reveal to us their worries and woes until in the end, you guessed it they won! They became series winners and we all went home happily ever after!

It is a shame that the plot did not support the great close harmony singing and great frocks! All it did was prove to me that reality TV really is a drag!

** (2 stars)

Jack Rose