Performed by Josh Considine
Directed by Daisy Jorgensen

Clouds & Soil (Venue 71) Free Fringe

2:15pm until 29 August
“The best things in life are free” the old adage says, and in this case a truer word couldn’t have been said. Peacetime’s production is in Edinburgh as part of the PBH’s Free Fringe and it just goes to prove that work in this series can hold its own against any of the main fringe events!
Aiden, played sublimely by Joshua Considine, is a troubled young man haunted by the effects of being HIV+. Blame, guilt and obsession are all factors that push Aiden to flee to a lonely Scottish Isle and hide from the people and feelings that hold the key to this tragic character.
Considine has the ability to translate Rebecca Monks’ intelligently crafted script into a steady climb toward the unveiling of a confused and lonely young man. Starting with a optimistic early 20’s something and rising toward the portrayal of a guilt ridden son and boyfriend. 
Daisy Jorgensen as Director allows both the script and the actor to fully explore the themes without over burdening them or indeed the small acting space with any undue business. She controls the actor, script and the space to create a very fine piece of story telling that stays with you long after the single light fades on Aiden’s exit.
Having seen over 10 shows in two days this is definitely the fringe highlight so far! Go see it!
***** (5 Stars)

Jack Rose