Smother 201 Dance Company


Until 27 August


A company of seven young dancers give an adrenalin fuelled dynamic 50 minutes of storytelling through dance.

The anguish of first true love and the sometimes misguided pressures of peers steer our two main protagonists through this story of passion,lust and unrequited love.

Using an eclectic hip hop soundtrack we follow the plight of our two young lovers as they meet against the backdrop of a drug obsessed youth culture. As the cocaine laden mist clears, beautifully created by the company releasing powder with skyward gestures, we see the reality of a relationship based more on lust than love. Will it survive the test of the light of the breaking dawn or will the lust die with the rising sun?

201 captured the fragility of young love beautifully in this internationally acclaimed show and for dance lovers old and new I would recommend seeing this sexy, strong and sassy company if you get a chance.

Jack Rose