Fire Donkey Productions presents: Church of Phil Recruitment Seminar
The Mission Theatre, Corn Street, Bath
10th April, 7pm

The deadly serious Church of Phil Recruitment Seminar targets the Bath Comedy Festival but it’s fine because comedy fans can also join cults. Also, it’s not cult. Definitely not a cult.

Fire Donkey Productions are bringing their latest experimental DIY comedy theatre experience to the Bath Comedy Festival in the form of a definitely fictional cult initiation ceremony, which tackles human nature, religious icons, fake news and caravan holiday parks. On top of that the audience will also have the opportunity to sign a non-negotiable life-long contract to join “one of the World’s most progressive cultural and spiritual movements.” And everyone will receive their very own name sticker. Which we hear is one of the main reasons people come to the show.

Following 2016’s The Mystery Hour, the Fire Donkey team are back and this time instead of looking for answers, they have the answers for you – in the form of the Church of Phil, led by Phil, a charismatic former childstar who owns a caravan park in Wales. Polly and Liam are two of Phil’s most loyal followers and will lead the audience through a series of visually-striking slideshow presentations, ritual dances, the family-friendly story of the birth of Phil, puppetry, a live healing, a human sacrifice, and even a raffle. And who doesn’t like a raffle?

Church of Phil is the third full production by Pembrokeshire-based Fire Donkey Productions,
which consists of Liam McKenna and Polly Preston. They have performed two full-runs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, toured the UK and somehow even ended up performing their last show at the Stockholm Fringe Festival in front of a largely Swedish audience. And this promises to be their most ambitious project yet, attempting to poignantly satirise the corruption of power in religion through the medium of a puppet chimp, banana-induced hypnotherapy and a shambolic tap dance.

What audiences have previously said about Fire Donkey Productions:

“Pant-wettingly funny” (Swindon Fringe Festival 2017)
“Inventive, endearing, hilarious (also Swindon Fringe Festival 2017)
“Bonkers” (Edinburgh audience member)
“What the fringe used to be like.” (Edinburgh audience)
“Brilliantly random” (Arts In Rural Gloucestershire)
“The most absurd piece of theatre I’ve ever seen.” (Edinburgh audience)
And one woman simply wished us luck. (Edinburgh again)

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