FILMS ABOUT GHOSTS, Russell Eccleston

Black Dog Productions

Burdall’s Yard, Bath

5th June 2017





Films About Ghosts is a haunting tale that follows Elsie, who’s interest in her sister’s suspicious death has become an obsession. Ten years after what police deemed a suicide, Elsie is leading her own investigation, drowning in official reports, photographs, statements… anything that might help her uncover the truth.


There seems to be a clear and natural chemistry between Alicia Pollard and Tiffany Rhodes (Elsie), which really adds to some of the more comedic elements of the performance – these moments of light-hearted friendship between the characters helps to gently lift the atmosphere as it is clouded by Elsie’s dark family secrets. Rhodes carries the show beautifully, holding Elsie’s compulsive and slightly manic mannerisms throughout. It was particularly interesting to watch the unsteady relationship between Elsie and her brother, Max, grow and develop; Jamie Harradence’s (Max) performance is complex and touching, and Pollard brings many laugh-out-loud moments with her onto the stage.


There were many raw and harrowing moments throughout this production, but the deeply emotional storyline was balanced with touches of light humour. Films About Ghosts is capable of making the audience both laugh and cry, and the hugely talented cast portrayed characters that had the conviction and courage to stay with the audience long after the show had ended.



****1/2 – 4.5 Stars




Beth Tomlin

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