New Writing, Stand-Up, And Spoken Word – Tinned Pizza Theatre Company – The Bell: Love Lounge

June 9, 2017



In the back room of an unassuming pub in Walcot Street a night of creativity and laughter was occurring.

New Writing, Stand-Up and Spoken Word was exactly what it said on the tin (a tin of pizza if the company name is anything to go by) — an evening of stand up comedy, poetry, and monologues. There were six performers in total, some of which came on stage multiple times with different pieces.

Each piece was focused on their own experiences, which gave the evening a very personal feel. For example, one of the performers did stand up comedy based around their autism, whilst another spoke about being transgender. I really liked this as it made the content more unique to them, rather than just being the standard topics people talk about in more mainstream stand up. With these two performances they made you think, and got a message across about topics that might be considered controversial, giving the audience more than just easy comedy. Another performer did a stand up routine based around her experience of being a model at a fashion show. This one was more light-hearted in content, but just as funny. I found her routine really relatable, for example, she spoke about her worries of suddenly not being able to walk once on the runway, despite having been walking for 20 years. I feel like this is the sort of thing most people would think when faced with a similar situation and so you could really imagine how she felt, which made the piece even funnier.

One member performed poetry, which was very personal to her own life and experiences. Her poetry was much more serious than the stand up, being more about her emotions and certain points in her life, which nicely broke up the different performances by adding a touch of seriousness. The final performance was a letter to their new baby. This piece was particularly touching, as he described family members and how each person would look out for the baby. Between each piece there was a compère who did a really good job of bringing each performer onstage with a quick joke and taking a moment to hype the audience up.

Overall, this was a good night of new creativity, delivered well by each member of the company. This is the second show I’ve seen by the Tinned Pizza Theatre, having seen them perform As You Like at the 2016 Bath Fringe Festival, and both times they have impressed. I look forward to seeing what they do next.




*** 1/2 – 3.5 Stars




By Chloe Rogers