What I do for you


How far could you go on lies and secrets? And who would you really protect from them? And finally, who do you become in others’ eyes?

In today’s world we start forgetting what family means and how precious truth is. Fortunately, this play shows us both the bright and dark sides including the wrath of both of them. Alfie (Jack Cullen) and Mike (Daniel Murphy), are like an old marriage, endlessly quarrelling and truly in love each other in equal measures. Having gone through many different stages in their lives, they seem inseparable. However, Penny (Sofia Velasquez), Alfie’s partner, is just about to show them who they are to each other.

What I do for you is an amazingly strong piece revolving around the meaning of family, commitment and unhealed wounds. It is full of warm humour entwined with deep human dramas playing with the audience’s emotions all the time.

Written and performed by Jack Cullen, Sofia Velasquez and Daniel Murphy this beautifully crafted work shows both indisputable writing and acting skills. The magnificent characters and story of What I do for you leave the audience thinking long after it ends.



****1/2 star



Karolina Latka