This two-handed devised piece from OnSet productions concerns, in a nutshell, traumatised soldier returning home to agoraphobic wife. But in the hands of these two actors it is a huge nut, two nuts in fact, and the shell is hard to break; but break it does. This is a performance of tremendous emotional intensity, as husband and wife teeter between rationality and madness; love and despair; tenderness and fury. To make this work as theatre requires skill at great depth, and Emma Jenkin and Matt Emeny prove more than equal to the task. This is hard-hitting, gut-wrenching stuff, and their performances are faultless, mesmerising; the onstage rapport palpable, the emotional truth shattering in its impact. Every nuance is captured; every slightest gesture counts. This is acting at world-class level, reminding this jaded critic of Burton and Taylor’s performances, in another time and context, of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. This beautifully-crafted production is a theatrical experience of exceptional power, meaning, and truth. More, please.

***** – 5 Stars

John Christopher Wood