Just in Case

Bert & Lou Theatre

2 Comfortable Place

10th June, 2017



For Just In Case, audiences are invited into the home of the obsessively hoarding Wilson sisters. I say audience, but really I mean clean-up crew, as each participant is given a high visibility jacket and shoe covers before plunging into 2 Comfortable Place to clear it out. Here we are introduced to the most impressive character of the show: the house. A home completely transformed into hoarders’ heaven; the ‘living’ room and kitchen look like a charity shop hit by a hurricane. The devotion shown in making 2 Comfortable Place is staggering, redefining our ideas of what a stage can be. Just In Case is the pinnacle of immersive theatre, and an amazing show across the board.

Leading the clean-up crew is the supremely amicable, intensely loveable Gregg, played by James Hallifax. He provides the backbone of the piece, charming and funny, commanding an instant rapport with his ‘volunteer’ cleaners and maintaining an unbroken level of awkward charisma from start to finish.

Our hosts, meanwhile, the Wilson sisters, are the definition of character. The eccentric, possibly insane Willow and Winnie, played by Bertie Harris and Louise Ann Limb, lead a breakneck chase from strength to strength: an imaginary trip to Margate; an atmospheric séance; a sharp turn into rather questionable activities and an impromptu shadow puppet show. With each passing moment, the Wilson sisters produce something funnier and more ridiculous than the last, somehow fitting in a measure of poignancy along the way to boot.

Brilliantly written, brilliantly directed, brilliantly acted, Just In Case is the gem of the Fringe, a treasure hidden amongst the Wilson sisters’ clutter.




***** – Five Stars




Joshua Lambert