RED RAIN by Martin Malcolm
Burdall’s Yard
Bath Fringe Festival
1 June, 2017

A truly gripping and controversial piece by Martin Malcolm. It is a social satire facing the problem of the age-long dissonance between blind faith and real life. The whole story leaves us space for interpretation on two levels at least as the two characters, American Daniel Murphy (Ryan Mellish) and a just met by him British stranger (William Richardson), are an amazing reflection of the society. Daniel’s converser questions God many times while breaking taboos and showing the uncomfortable truth about life and people, leaving Daniel and the audience speechless. Despite the tough subject of faith and sexuality, the play has a huge dose of good humour which makes a nice intellectual dialogue out of it. Having an unexpected twist as well as absolutely flawless actors and rich plot, Red rain makes us want more. Unfortunately, it ends.


**** – 4 stars

Karolina Latka