Seeds, by Naomi Knox, Aimee Pollock and Megan Vernon
Between Creatives Theatre Collective
Burdall’s Yard
May 30th

Devised by three women, Seeds is a show with a powerful script, based around the performers’ own stories. They relate their experiences of some of the painful occurrences that, devastatingly, are part of everyday life such as body shaming and racism, as well as stories of how they turned some of life’s hardest moments into opportunities for growth and power. Performed, the piece has the sense of a ritual – water is used and poured away and laughter and tears become transformative.

And it is a ritual that we are encouraged to take part in, in ways that harness the audience’s emotions. Many in the audience cried as one performer recites the names of famous and influential Black figures over the shouts of the racist police officer pinning her down, whilst another physically turns our heads away from the scene, telling us not to look and suggesting we all have tea. Ultimately, sharing in this performance is an empowering experience. Both literally and psychologically, the three performers leave us with a meaningful, thoughtful gift.

This is a unique piece which is characterised by compassion and by the desire to involve, support and give strength to the audience and to each other. The performers stated in the Q&A that they hope to publish their script, with a note saying that anyone can add their own story if they would like to. One can have only admiration for women who tell such painful stories with clarity and honesty and often with humour and poetry. I recommend going to see the next performance of Seeds, not least because it has the power to help us to reflect on our own lives and potential, and I hope this is something that will be published in the future.

**** – 4 Stars


Laura Seymour