This is a show in which local luminaries, performance poet David C Johnson and singer-songwriter Mike Scott (not the one from the Waterboys) put together some old favourites with some new ones, some jokes and asides and call it a new show. Well, it’s new if you’ve never seen them before, and if you haven’t, you should. The ‘still doing it’ of the title refers to the fact that they’re neither of them in the first flush of youth, but who cares? And there’s a witty song from Scott to go with it. This is an amiable amble through their respective oeuvres, highlights including poignant pieces about the only two teachers at a Secondary Modern (remember those?) who had any personality or interest in their charges; a magnificently left-field verse imagination of the 19th century Romantics as stand-up poets on tour; and many more, interspersed with a bit of repartee with each other, and a certain amount of audience participation – including an unlikely partisan chant about major supermarkets. You’d have to be there. Oh, and there’s nearly some skateboarding. Possibly a tad more rehearsing wouldn’t go amiss, but still a very enjoyable evening.


**** – 4 Stars


John Christopher Wood