The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Tobacco Tea Theatre
Burdall’s Yard 


June 10, 2017


In a world obsessed with all things Sherlock Holmes, the Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes managed to stand out from the crowd, creating it’s own unique and clever piece of Sherlock entertainment.


This show was a new case for Sherlock, entirely devised by John Watson in order for him to create a new story to publish, so he can pay his half of the rent at the iconic 221B Baker Street. But things soon begin to go wrong, and Watson’s fictional case spirals out of control.


There were just three actors in this show, swapping roles as they went along — which added a hilarious element to the performance as you watched Watson transform into the father of a client, gasping and purposely dropping clues. All three played their main roles excellently throughout, and really got into the character. I was particularly impressed at how they made the characters their own, despite the more well known portrayals from actors such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jnr. being huge in popular culture. The humour they used to bring the roles alive worked so well, and kept the audience engaged throughout. In this version of the Sherlock tales, Watson was more of the protagonist rather than Sherlock. Again this made it more unique to them, and the actor who played Watson did an excellent job at portraying the much loved character.


Everything was paid attention to — not just the acting and plot itself — even so far as using sound effects for comedic effect, for example, using a boat horn sound every time the docks were mentioned. The actors had excellent comic timing too, which really added to the overall humour. They even had a miniature “orchestra pit” which the actors would use throughout the show to create amusing sound effects.


This was an amazing show, that the actors seemed to enjoy performing as much as the audience enjoyed watching. It is very deserving of the five star rating.


***** – 5 stars


By Chloe Rogers