Kilter Theatre

This latest addition to Bath’s repertoire of walking tours comes from Kilter Theatre. Not exactly a theatre piece in the conventional sense, this is nonetheless an interesting experience. Led by Olly Langdon, one of Kilter’s directors, this is a sort of pub crawl that begins at the Crystal Palace (A pub that’s been there for a very long time; and was re-named in 1851 in honour of the Great Exhibition. Are you listening? There’ll be a test.) and moves on through the town. But unlike your classic pub crawl, it does not involve drinking in every pub you encounter – though you can have a snifter at the Crystal Palace while waiting for kick-off; there is a stop for ‘refreshment’ at the Coeur de Lion; and it ends at the Bell where you are free to stay till closing time. No, the main point is to visit locations of vanished pubs down the centuries, what they meant to Bath at the time, and how they might differ from pubs today. And, since this is about pubs, there is a walking pub quiz, possibly the first pub quiz that isn’t actually in a pub, for which its audience are encouraged to form teams. Altogether an amusing and informative journey through Bath’s drinking history. Cheers!





John Christopher Wood