Two Parallel Columns – Fish Pie!

Old Theatre Royal

June 6, 2017




The show description of Two Parallel Columns promises lots and lots of laughter and let me tell you, it delivers. It was an hour of sketch after sketch, each one as funny as the previous.


The sketches themselves ranged in subject, taking the audience from the tundra, to a slightly different than usual scene from Phantom of the Opera, to a business meeting with the inventor of Dyson vacuum cleaners, all in a matter of minutes (with an excellent selection of pop songs to break up the sketches). Despite the vast amount of sketches squeezed into the hour, each one was faultless. There were definitely some stand-out sketches – a particular favourite of mine featured an automated voice giving out different orders to the two on-stage performers, which they dutifully performed with only the aid of an umbrella, for example “You are shepherds”, to which they became shepherd and sheep, followed by “You are war shepherds”, where they kept up the previous roles, but now using their umbrellas as guns. Every sketch hit the mark though, leaving the audience laughing aloud even as the next scene began.


A mix of wit, puns and general silliness was intertwined into every sketch, whether it was a one sentence sketch or a full scene with multiple characters. Beware for future viewers though, there were many Dad jokes, which at one point made an audience member groan out loud. Totally in a good way though.


There were five student performers in total, who performed both individually or in groups, and all were excellent in their different roles. Jokes were delivered perfectly, and they switched from character to character seamlessly. You wouldn’t have been able to tell these performers were only just beginning their careers as they all did an amazing job.


There are another two performances of Two Parallel Columns on Wednesday 7th June, so if you can, go and support the Fish Pie! Company and spend an hour laughing. You will not be disappointed!




**** – 4 Stars




Chloe Rogers