Wake up and Deirdrealize

This performance from Lucy Harrison as the appalling Deirdre Me is a pleasingly outrageous piece of nonsense. Deirdre, as played by Lucy, is a larger-than-life character embodying all our delicious fantasies about the Deep South, and the self-aggrandising attitudes of American celebrities. Hailing, it says here, from Texas-Tennessee (though with a peculiarly strangled accent pitched somewhere between Nashville and Johannesburg), she is full of grandiose claims, massively fictionalised rags to riches and back again stories from her life, and of course her own personal gospel healing techniques, culled from her gruelling life experiences, to help us all achieve awesomeness. This is done with much audience participation, as she alternately patronises and bullies innocent audience members that she has dragged up on stage, and makes all the rest of us go along with her ‘meditational’ techniques, in order to achieve inner awakening. Or not. Massive fun.

**** – 4 Stars



John Christopher Wood