Date of Review Sunday 11th October 2015

25-26th The Alma
Stepping Out Theatre’s Girl Talk is an evening of monologues, the most famous of which is Her Big Part, by Alan Bennett. Julie Walters (who played Lesley in the original BBC production) is a tough act to follow and Chrissie Harmer gives it her all. Bennett’s customary wit shines through the script. 

The strength of the evening is Emma Stadon’s performance in Bunny by Jack Thorne. Stadon plays Katie, a teenage girl who is caught up in a seedier side of life. Bunny is an hour long monologue – no mean feat for any actor. Stadon holds the audience with her creditable performance as she portrays the complexities of a teenage girl’s life. At times naive and vulnerable, other times aggressive and intimidating, Stadon takes us on her journey through a Luton estate, with violence and abuse never far from the sidelines. Stadon voices different characters well, so we hear from her boyfriend and other significant people in her life. Bunny is disturbing and funny in equal measure. 
(c) Samantha Coughlan October 2015