An acerbic yet compassionate and comic portrait of good times gone bad for a betrayed generation in ‘Broken Britain’.


Two young Liverpudlians address the audience, each telling their own version of a drunken night out. He’s been let down, belittled and ignored but tonight none of that matters – it’s Friday and Joe is getting smashed. Kirsty has bought some vodka on the way home from school and is hastily shaving her legs with her friend’s dad’s razor. As bottles are drained and the sun sets the two hit the town, neither aware that soon their lives will irreconcilably collide.


gritty theatre 

Birmingham based gritty theatre’s aim is to discover and nurture new audiences by performing a repertoire that consists of modern works that reflect the concerns and issues of the communities that we live and work in.


Our performances are of dramas that our communities need to see; they reflect issues that our communities face either growing up or in later life; they aim to fulfill a need to access entertainment locally, and also to offer deeper levels of involvement. We remain convinced that drama should not only change lives, but also be a part of everyday life for everyone.


By concentrating on 21st Century plays that are not seen by the masses in non-traditional theatre spaces, we seek out and engage those in our neighbourhoods who might feel that theatre is not for them.


We tour to not only to share our work with others, but also to fly the flag for Brum! In 2015 our inaugural production of Jane Upton’s ‘Bones’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was shortlisted for the Brighton Fringe Award.  A new production of Tom Wells’ ‘About a Goth’ will be performed at the Brighton Fringe in May. ‘Chapel Street’ has just finished a run in Birmingham and will be seen in Edinburgh in August 2016.


Chapel Street will be performed at The Nest, 7 Bladud Buildings, BA1 5LS Bath, United Kingdom  on Friday 8 January at 7:30pm.

Tickets are £5  and available from: