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Horror Season, 25– 29 October

The egg gets children of all ages into the Hallowe’en spirit this half-term with a special Horror Season for kids, packed with shows, films, workshops and events…

Little FrankensteinLittle Frankenstein (25 & 26 Oct, for ages 5+) is inspired by Mary Shelley’s gothic novel. Puppeteer Frank Stein creates a puppet that will change his life forever! Innocent Creature George, made from bits of broken old puppet, emerges from the workshop, innocent and willing to learn, but Frank is so obsessed with his new show that he neglects to look after his new child…

Sleep Crawling (27-29 Oct, for ages 5+) is a darkly charming puppet theatre production performed in a remarkable little caravan which has been transformed into a miniature puppet theatre, the only one of its kind in the UK.

sleep crawlingBelgian puppeteers TOF Theatre present Dans L’Atelier, a totally nutty show about the mishaps of a puppet under construction who decides to make a stab at finishing the job itself! (29 & 30 Oct, for ages 8+).

Horror–themed workshops taking place throughout the week include Fright-Night Fashion Squad in which teenagers work with a fashion designer to create young ghouls and Hallowe’en heroes (26-29 Oct, for ages 13-18); a Fancy Dress Pre-School Parade on the egg stage for toddlers ( 28 Oct, for ages 10 months – 4), and Into The Wardrobe: Trick or Treat, a chance for children to explore the egg theatre’s wardrobe department and create wild and wonderful costumes! (28 Oct, for ages 5-9).

An undoubted highlight of the week will be the Hallowe’en Theatre Sleepover (28 Oct, for ages 9-12) – a chance for older children to spend a night in the theatre itself, once the lights have dimmed, the curtain has fallen and the ghosts begin to walk… Starting on the Friday evening, the sleepover includes tickets to see Sleep Crawling and a showing of the 3D fantasy film Coraline, working with the Fright Night Fashion Squad; an exclusive late night tour of the Theatre Royal (with surprise guests!) and a sleepover on the egg’s stage.

Part of Scream Screen, the film Coraline is open to non-sleepover participants too, and the Horror Season finishes on Saturday evening (29 Oct) with Scream Screen, not a quiet evening cuddled up in front of a cosy film, but a screening accompanied by chilling interruptions and spooky diversions…

Full details, including performance times and ticket prices can be found online at and tickets for all events are on sale now from the egg reception on 01225 823409.