Here’s is a little reminder of what’s coming up in April.

Time to ask some big questions ….

What makes us happy, how do we perceive time, what can we build together?


THE HAPPINESS, 15 Apr, 7.30pm, Weston Studio

The Happiness- ICIA- Theatre Bath





Karla Shacklock’s brand new dance theatre performance.

Using the company’s trademark combination of breakneck choreography, spoken word, live sound and ever transforming images The Happiness is an emotional and colourful explosion of joy, grief and confusion. Performed by three dancers and a musician who decide the structure of the work live in the moment, each performance is completely unique!



SAFE, 22 Apr, 7.30pm, Weston Studio

Safe- ICIA- Theatre Bath





ZoieLogic’s powerful new dance theatre production.

Set against the backdrop of New York’s Empire State Building, five outstanding male performers inhabit the world of heroic 1930s construction workers. Choreographer and artistic director Zoie Golding envelops her performers with a throbbing music score as they move within an industrial set that builds before your eyes throughout the performance.

Like the Empire State Building itself, this production is chock full of ambition, hope, optimism, friendships and a collective spirit that only common ground can bring.

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THIS MOMENT NOW, 30 Apr, 7.30pm, Weston Studio

 The Moment- ICIA- Theatre Bath





Sylvia Rimat’s world premiere takes its audience on a journey to explore how we experience time.

The show is drawn to the fleetingness of the moment and is based on the realisation that we, as we know ‘us’, inevitably belong to the past. Expect live drumming, a cup of tea, ideas on time dilation and ageing… and to be acknowledged for the investment of some of your ‘life time’ in coming to see the show.