INKBLOC ensemble first exploded onto the South west Theatre Scene in April 2017 with their offering in Bristol Old Vic’s 24h plays, ‘School Crumble’. This 12 piece ensemble spilled onto the stage with a bolt of energy, taking us on a wild goose chase of egg and spoon races, undercover Ofsted inspectors and a PTA baying for blood…


It is at the Bristol Old Vic where this wild rabble were born as an ensemble, thrown together on the Made In Bristol course, a training hive for twelve exciting theatre makers aged 18-25. On this year long development course, INKBLOC ensemble honed their creative theatre skill set, creating work reaching out across Bristol and the South West, and together, realised that telling stories is what they do best.


Their latest show, LEGO Beach (on at The Rondo Theatre on 14th & 15th February), is no exception to this, and promises to be an extravaganza of colour, marred with a choppy and fierce riptide of capitalism and greed.


Their story starts in the sleepy seaside town of Bevill, where business is slow and a handful of locals shuffle through their lives, living one day to the next. Not a single visitor has been spotted in weeks. Bevill’s luck seems to have run out; but better times are racing towards its beaches in the form of tiny coloured plastic blocks….


A freak storm has exposed a containership of LEGO® to the power of the sea, scattering millions of multicoloured building blocks into the ocean.


As the tide changes, an influx of tourists and LEGO® enthusiasts pour into the town, in search of their very own piece of the unnatural disaster. But amongst the jubilation, current are shifting – waves hide secrets, and a shadowier story is unfurled beneath the murky waters as Bevill’s residents start to lose their grip on what is truly important…


“Surprising, poignant, funny and impressive – all while ultimately serving up a rather damning reflection on human greed… contemporary, colourful, creative and brilliant, this performance packs hell of a punch.” – Bristol 24/7


“It’s highly stylised – poetic, rhythmic and choreographed to perfection.” – Visit Bristol


“A great mix of humour, original music and crafted storytelling.” – Weston Super Mum


Inspired by true events, combining original onstage live music, sea shanties, beautiful physical theatre, stunning puppetry and design, INKBLOC ensemble create a colourful world with a distinctly darker undercurrent.

Connect with INKBLOC ensemble:

Twitter: @INKBLOCensemble / #LEGOBeach
Facebook: INKBLOC ensemble


“LEGO Beach” by INKBLOC ensemble.
At Rondo Theatre 8pm; 14th, 15th Feb

Tickets: £14 (£12 concs) or 0333 666 3366